White Paper Recommendation

It has been a good coffee and reading on a cold morning. I can recommend three white papers that are influencing integrated talent management discussions with insights from their research:

5 Trends Shaping Work by Zenefits — investment in performance management, embracing the gig economy, investment in onboarding, AI in the workplace and a new approach to workplace wellness. This discussion about the gig economy was a highlight for me.

From High Potential to High Performance by VitalSmarts – strong argument that a lack of healthy productive habits keep high potentials from achieving their best performance. I like VitalSmarts’ GTD Core Skills: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect and Engage

What is End-to-End AI Recruiting Ebook by Allyo – 3 pillars of an end-to-end AI recruiting platform (mobile ready, candidate experience and engagement, automation) , what is and is not working in HR Technology and ideas how Allyo’s automation and technology can help solve.

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